Thursday, 31 March 2011

An Accidental Safari

On Monday we set off for Iringa, an 8 hour (not the planned 6 as first thought) journey through the amazing African scenery in a mini-mini bus. Our mission? To visit a different deaf school to gain some ideas of what other schools are like within Africa and to be, hopefully, inspired with ways we can improve the education at Buguruni School. However, we discover that the road we were travelling on just happened to go through a National Park, you can imagine my excitement when I saw this chap wandering along...

There were baboons playing on the side of the road, waiting for dropped food from passing cars, Impala running alongside the bus and then these two lovely ladies... (they may be boy giraffes but I think they look like two gossiping ladies, putting the world to right.) 

Becky and I! If you peer into the left corner you can see three other giraffes, glasses may be needed.

On the return journey we were lucky enough to stop in a safari lodge to eat our lunch. There were zebras chilling out, munching grass, monkeys playing in the trees and wilder-beasts galloping about.

If you look at the monkeys super closely you can see a baby monkey.
Half way through my lunch an elephant emerged out of the bushes very close to us, he (?) was followed by a young elephant, the waiter reckoned less then a year, then finally by the Mum elephant.

I will tell you more of the trip over the weekend. I didn't mean for my last post to bring tears to eyes (Maybe my job when I get back should be writing for soaps) the children's happiness is infection and I don't think I realise how sad some of their stories, and even futures are. (Julie and Jo you are big softies) 
Mart, unfortunately the kids won't be able to email Harry and friends, there is only one computer in the school which is used by the headmistress, and there is often no electricity. I could maybe get them to write a letter or draw some pictures that I can send to you when I get back, or any questions Harry has I can post the answers on here. 
Again thank you for the comments, I really love reading them. xxxxx 


  1. aww I wish I was there! I think I'm the taller giraffe. Its good to see some piccys speak 2 u soon lushus!

  2. how fantastic what good luck to have that lot ambling by, one up on our field of sheep!!!
    Speak soon take care

    Love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Awww sweetie loving reading your blog... I've unsucessfully tried to post various comments on here bt my damn work computer doesn't let me. Anyway just wanted to say how great it is to hear your wonderful stories and see your photos. I was also one of the sad crew welling up at your previous post. Sounds like you're doing an amazing job! Good job the kids are keeping you out of the sun - for a second I thought you may come back with skin to match the colour of the bridesmaid dresses!
    Love you hun x

  4. Fantastic reporting Charlie, I'm just off to get lunch for Rod, so I'll read your blogs to him and get a few words from him shortly.

  5. Pictures are truly AMAZING! Was so so lush to talk to you yesterday. Mega proud of you and getting increasingly jealous.
    Love love xxx

  6. I LOVE your life Charlie.

  7. Hey Charlie!!!
    I can't tell you the relief when word got round that your clog had been updated!!! CHARLIE'S ALIVE!!!! I now know how an expectant father must feel, pacing up and down the room waiting for news of the arrival!!
    You are having the most amazing time. I can hear your voice as I read. Your squeals when you spot an elephant and when surrounded by the children your laughter.
    I look forward to your next update.
    Love and miss you
    Alisa x

  8. Hujambo!

    Loving your posts Charlie, really nice to hear what you are up to. The kids sound amazing, im sure you are making a difference already.

    Im very jealous of your mini safari. Make sure you get to do a proper one though. I know you are there to work hard but there is no experience like sleeping in a tent in the savanah

    I gave Jenny a big hug for you when I called in to see your mum and dad the other day. She is such a big ginger tart (the dog, not your mum!)

    Take care lady, looking forward to hearing more about your adventures soon

    Lala Salama

    Soph xx

  9. Hello Miss Charlie - It all looks like you are having a fantastic time and I am sure the children love you already as we all do here back at Mary Hare. You are doing such great work by being there I can tell!!

    Have you mananged to use any of the games I sent you with and have you managed to do any crafts?!!

    Not much news back at the world of Mary Hare - oh apart from we did our walk and got stuck in a bog!!

    Take care and keep smiling

    Love Miss Kiri xxx

  10. Really interesting blog Charlie, what a wonderful experience to see all those animals up close.
    keep up the fantastic work!