Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Getting Organised

Over the past three weeks I have been gradually working through an ever lasting list of things I need to be doing, it actually is ever lasting as I keep adding things to the bottom of it.
Firstly I booked my flights and am flying with Emirates on Monday- (wooooo!!) and coming back on the 30th May. I am flying to Dubai, waiting there overnight then the following morning flying into Dar es Salaam. Other bits I have been doing include.... going to London to get my visa from the Tanzanian Embassy (well and catching up with some of the "crew") and sorting out insurance.
I have had to have 7 injections for the trip, 3 rabies, yellow fever, hep B, typhoid and meningitis, I also need to take malaria tablets every day that I am there- that is A LOT of tablets!!
My Malaria Tablets
Now, anyone who knows me knows how much I am a miserable shopper who normally walks through the shop to the shoes then back out again declaring that there is nothing in there for me! However I have been pretty good with getting bits and pieces, as the part of Africa I am visiting is 50% Muslim I have been advised to bring clothes that cover my shoulders, waist and the top of my legs. I have therefore been buying lots of t-shirts and longer shorts- it seems that green and white are the colour theme for this trip!!
I want to say a big thank you to our Halmore and area Family Friends who gave me a big surprise which I received over the weekend. It was incredibly heart warming and touching that people could be so kind and generous- thank you.

Anyhoo, will blog again soon, another shopping day tomorrow for the essentials like shampoo and body wash, better take those otherwise the kids won't want to come near the smelly English girl!
Charlie x


  1. I'm wearing your clothes while your away, and i might steel your car...

  2. I am so proud of your improved shopping skills and also of this awesome blog, well done! Love xxx

  3. Oh, also, I downloaded skype so sort it out please x

  4. Becky... Clothes yes, Viven- NO, only time you can touch her is to wash her!!! Thanks Jojo, Skype on the way... xxxx