Sunday, 27 March 2011

I have a dongle!

Cannot tell you the excitement of finally getting a dongle!! WOOOP! I have so much to write but have decided that I will do it gradually rather then post a load of stuff all at once, and to upload photos takes a long time.
Well, I got here with no problems and really enjoyed the flights, on the first one I had a row to myself so could lie down, felt as if I was in first class. Got to the convent and it is very peaceful amongst the bustle of the little 'village' it is in. The nuns were very welcoming and showed me to my room which is lovely- will put pics up in a future post.
View from my bedroom door into  the courtyard of the convent
I went into school after a really nice sleep and got introduced to the children, although it is a Primary School the kids range from 4 to 19 years old. In the morning they all stand in lines and sing/ sign the national anthem and the school song. I then had to stand up in front of them all and be introduced, it was all very overwhelming as I was still jet-lagged but they were incredibly welcoming and just a sea of smiles.

Some of the girls at the school, this was taken just after they spent forever playing with my hair
 The kids are great, very caring and patient. They are teaching me Swahili sign language which is a bit different to British sign language but having previous experience of sign definitely helps. They are amazing as their first language is sign, second Swahili, third English; they will spend 10 minutes trying to explain one word using a variety of methods- they sign it, then spell it, then act it, then write it on your arm, then write it in the sand and if you still can't get it they find someone else to interpret! For people who have nothing or very little their love and kindness is staggering, if I'm ever stood in the sun they move me to shade because of my white skin turning slowly pink!

I just love this photo, one of the kids took it, this really sums up how happy the kids are.
 I've been doing all sorts from helping in class, helping set up the library, checking and cleaning hearing aids, helping the teachers with their English, random jobs that seem to appear and of course playing.

Helping in the nursery class, a bibo is a fruit, the little girl is called Gloria.
Off to bed now, got an early start tomorrow as I'm going to visit another deaf school which is a 6 hour drive away. Hope you are all well xx


  1. So lovely to see the children looking so happy it is hard to believe that they have so many problems. Hope the trip to the other school goes well.

    Speak soon my darling, stay safe,
    Love from all at home xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Wow Charlie - I actually have a tear in my eye. You are doing a fantastic thing. Miss you xxxx

  3. Fantastic to read your blog Charlie, give your kids a hug from your Aussie rellies, and tell them to send a message to Harry and his schoolmates on facebook if they are able too, do they have their own internet access?
    I'll call Jen now to tell her to read your blog (finally got her hooked up to broadband a couple of weeks ago)
    Lots of love

  4. Charlie

    Wow sounds like you are having an amazing experience! The kids look like loads of fun and so happy wish the kids I worked with smiled like that! All is good back in England missing u loads

    Gwen n Matt

  5. hey mushy, hope ur doing well at this other school. work is sending me to kew gardens tomorow iv got to shepherd the oldies, how exciting! hope u got ur phone back off that little kid that rang me and left a message saying hello, hello, hello. it was quite funny!

  6. Charlie,

    This made me cry! It looks so amazing...and the picture with you in just makes me miss you so much more!

    Hope the other school is as rewarding for you to see.

    Email me please smelly.

    Love you millions xxx

  7. Charlie!!! Looks sooo amasing! YOu are doing such a good thing keep the posts coming I cant wait to hear more!! Miss you lots Love you lots! Jessixxx

  8. Hiya!!

    Looks amazing, I bet you're having such a fantastic time, and what a great experience to have. Love reading all of your news! Take care and keep having fun!

    x x x