Sunday, 3 April 2011

Nights with Nuns

As many of you know my home for the three months is a convent (much to the relief of Dad I think!). The Sisters are lovely, they run a small B&B to keep money coming in but we also get evening dinner if we want. The grounds are very peaceful and I feel safe here. The nuns try to help me speak Swahili, including 'Lala Salama' Soph, which I was able to shock them with my previous knowledge, for the majority non-Swahili speakers lala salama means (I think) sleep well, I know lala is definitely sleep. I have quickly learnt that Swahili is not my hidden talent in life.. the search continues.

The door at the end is my bedroom door, I am on the first floor
The rooms are nice with an en-suite bathroom, the shower works and has the luxury of two temperature settings- cold and freezing cold; however, most of the time, a cold shower is just what the doctor ordered. Im my room there is two beds, one I use as a clothes holder, a wardrobe, desk, chair and a cushioned chair (I appreciate that a cushioned chair does not really describe anything for you but I honestly can't think of anything to call it.) Most importantly there is a fan, which I have called Fantastic (hahahaha what a pun) I have never loved a piece of electronic equipment so much and another time I will tell you the tale of The Day I Almost Broke Fantastic.(Alright, I know, simple things..)

My room including Fantastic on the right
 At night I sleep under a mossie net as the little beasties seem to love the taste of me, despite this my feet are still covered in bites. I quite like it as it feels like camping.

At the weekends I have been kindly welcomed into the home of Neville, Alison and their son Eddie, who I have not yet met as he is at boarding school. Judith, a volunteer here for five months, met Neville and Alison last year and they now both help out around Buguruni School. I don't go every weekend as I like to see what happens at the school and spend some time with the children, however it is a tiny peace of heaven in Dar es Salaam.There is air conditioning, home-made fun, outings, a swimming pool, kayaking opportunities, a washing machine (which I can wash my pants in! The nuns do your washing for you apart from smalls!) and most important great company. We sometimes go to the place below to go kayaking or to swim in the sea and I was intrigued to hear that the factory you can see on the hill inspired Willy Wonka's factory in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

The Chocolate Factory, which actually makes cement - how disappointing!
Alisa, I cannot tell you how much I laughed at your description of waiting to hear if I was alive or not, and Faye I would have guessed you would have been in the tears in the eyes camp! Thank you Mart for reading the posts to Rod, I hope you all find them interesting. Miss Kiri, the bits you sent over have bought much joy to the kids, they are a lot quieter then the deaf children I have met in England but when playing with the parachute there were squeals of joy and laughter. I will try and get a video, I am slowly taking stuff in to do with them as I'm here for a while so more photos will follow.

The children playing with the parachute Kiri-Lynn and the workers at Coles Diner donated.
That's all folks as I have already written this twice as my laptop ran out of battery. Thank you for keeping me up to date with all the news. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Mum- love you lots. Post again soon xxxxx


  1. Just noticed I wrote home-made fun, I actually meant food but fun also fits so all gravy baby!

  2. So lovely to talk tonight on skype, I love to get all your news a shame we can't get the picture as well but with the problems with the net I think we are lucky to get what we do.

    The convent looks very nice and I love the picture with the children enjoying the parachute.

    Hope the little beasties soon start to eat someone else they always have enjoyed your legs haven't they!

    Take care always
    Bye for now...
    Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Love reading your updates, glad everything going so well, lots of love xxxxx

  4. Love seeing the pics and hearing what you have been up to. Let me know about skype this eve, lots of love F xxxx

  5. Yay! have finally worked out you need to be signed in to post a comment, haha xx

  6. Mel and Dave x4 April 2011 at 05:49

    Hey Charlie,
    Loving the photos, glad that you are being looked after, safe and having lots of fun. Love reading what your up to this blog is such a good idea. Just to update on UK life, Dave and I have a sale agreed on a house! Hopefully will all have gone through by the time your back. We'll wait for you for the party x

  7. Dad says, first attempt at a blog comment,must get into the real world of communications.Great to talk and read your blog,so proud of what you`re achieving,lots of people asking for news takes me ages to go anywhere,nearly as long to type this.Will try again soon,take care.Love from DADXXX.

  8. Wow I love the parachute picture too... it's great to see that enjoyment from a parachute is universal! Love the pictures of your room. I think the bed looks like a princess bed - surely the net is to look pretty rather than keep the mosquitos out right?!? Also love Fantastic - he seems like a cool guy (hahaha)!
    Sending lots of love. Hope the frizzy hair look is still trendy over there!!