Saturday, 12 March 2011


Jambo translation - Hello

Just a quick one to say I have arrived safety and will hopefully be getting a dongle in the week. Thank you for all the comments so far. It has been great, a little scary and it is only just sinking in that I am staying here for three months. The kids at the school are great, so welcoming and smile all the time. As most know I have been staying in a convert and the nuns are great, looking after me. It is super hot, my hair hates me and I look like a lion most of the time.

I better go as I'm using someone elses internet but will do a proper blog very soon xxx


  1. Hi Charlie, I'm so pleased you've arrived safely and all's well, apart from the mad hair situation. Maybe the nuns have got the right plan by wearing their wimples (bad hair day camoflaguers)on their heads. Have they any spare for you to borrow? How's the food? What are your daily routines then? Looking forward to reading your next update. X

  2. SO SO SO glad to hear you're ok! Can't believe I've gone so many days without talking to you...can't quite cope!
    Great news that everything is good over there. We should definitely have foreseen this hair situation... IT'S THE HUMIDITY!!!
    Looking forward to hearing more when you get your dongle.
    Love love love xxx

  3. Jambo my darling, It was soooo good to speak to you this evening, look forward to your next post hope you find a dongle.

    Speak soon..big hugs...

    Mum xxxxxxx

  4. Good to hear that you are well. I think 'Charlie the Lion' is a fabulous look - I heard that it was all the rage at London fashion week. I think I might call Jess now and suggest we have a 'lion' theme for the bridesmaid wedding hair. Oh yea!
    Love you chick. Stay safe,


    So glad to hear you are safe and well and getting stuck in! Love the hair comment I can just picture you doing a Charlie lion roar!

    Well we are all missing you back in Newbury I'm not gonna bore you with news.

    Stay safe my sweet

    Love you

    Gwen and Monkey xxx

  6. Glad you've arrived safely! Didn't know you were staying in a convent! Hope you're having a fab time so far. lots of love
    Ruth x

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  8. Katie, Mary & Ruby15 March 2011 at 08:27

    Hi Charlie,
    So glad you have arrived safely.
    It is lovely to hear from you and be able to comment back.
    Hope you are settling in ok and you manage to tame your hair.


  9. Glad you arrived exciting!! Look forward to keeping up with all the news! Post some pics of the hair!!!

    Take care and have fun! x x

  10. Hi Charlie,
    just read your blog, we're so pleased you arrived safely and we'll check in from time to time to catch up on the latest news. sarah s.