Sunday, 6 March 2011

Mary Hare

On Thursday I went back to Mary Hare School for the deaf, where I used to work as Care Staff. I caught up with Viv and Michelle who had just come back from the Buguruni School in Tanzania. They were really helpful, telling me top tips on things I may need to take, giving me some essentials and showing me their pictures. I was able to ask them questions so left feeling a lot more prepared.
I then enjoyed a great evening catching up with news, gossip and hugs! It was so good seeing the boys I worked with again- bet they can't believe I'm saying this but I do miss them!! It was good seeing all the staff too, I ended up leaving at 11.30pm instead of the forecasted 10pm, getting up for work the next day was a challenge. Well, getting up any morning is a challenge to be honest.

Footballs, skipping ropes and crafty bits from Lianne (aka Canada), a bag of goodies from Kiri and the Coles Diner Workers, Chelsea shirt from Lee and balloons from Amanda.
Over this week people have donated all sorts of bits and pieces for me to take over for the young people in Tanzania. I hope I can fit it all in!!

Becky and me out for dinner to celebrate the trip and birthdays!!
Off to pack some more, not long now.... xx


  1. Blimey for a techno phob like me this is all very exciting. I have never read or commented on a blog. Your trip sounds great I wish I was brave enough to do something as exciting. Looking forward to reading all your news and even more looking forward to catching up and hearing about it when your back. lots of love lau XXXX

  2. I miss you already!
    Stay safe Charlie xxx

  3. We so enjoyed our dinner out, take care always..
    Love mum x

  4. Best of luck Charlie. Have an awesome time :)

  5. thats a nic pic but my head looks huge! missing you loads poochy, keep texting me!