Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Still no internet....

Sorry folks, still no dongle, hopefully I will be able to get one sorted this weekend. Still going well, can't wait to tell you all the news properly but once again borrowing someone else's internet so don't want to take the michael!! LOVED reading all your comments, can't wait to reply properly xxx


  1. Hello my love, just found this and thought it would be easiest way to say hello and a massive thank you for my card it was lovely and quite the challenge to resist opening it!Anyway will email you soon but glad everything sounds like its going well, take care, Rosie xxxxxx

  2. Good luck with finding a dongle this weekend, hope the electric is back on.

    Speak soon
    Love Mum xxxxxxx

  3. hello nobby, had a call from the job i applied for in scotland but they wanted me to start at the begininning of april and im still in this garden centre job! they said to ring as soon as i have finished to see if theres a summer position going! so i mite be moving there. thats all my news anyway. hope ur getting on alrite lover, talk 2 u on the phone later i expect. mucho lovesxxxx

  4. Charleeeeeeeeeee!
    I miss you! Hope you are well and you're having an awesome time. Life here is plodding along without you - most exciting thing I've done recently is fly a kite in Cambridge (doesn't compare with moving to Africa!!)
    Hurry up and get a dongle. I want pictures :-)

  5. Glad your safe and sound! Thinking of you. Have an amazing time, it will go so fast!
    We're looking at house's today! Will update you when your back.
    Big hugs from Mel and Dave x x