Monday, 25 April 2011

A Chocolateless Easter

Yes that’s right chocolate fans I have still not eaten any chocolate, that is 50 days without a single lick, only 33 days to go! I even asked Mum to get me an egg as that type of chocolate is extra delicious- of course she has already got me one, hooray for Mum. Dad and Becky I hope you are going to live up to Mum’s standard, anyhoo enough about that I could waffle about chocolate for hours...

So to celebrate Easter with the children we decided to have two days of ‘Eastery’ activities. As you may remember the school is 50/50 Muslim and Christian but all the children joined in regardless of faith. On the first day we had a crafty day as it was raining. We printed off colouring pictures, dot-to-dots and ‘hunt the egg’ pictures, the kids really love colouring and their fine motor skills are getting better and better. They will sit and do crafts for hours quite contently, including the older boys, I love seeing them all working together despite sex and age; it really is a family atmosphere. The second activity didn’t quite go to plan, the original thought was to get every single child to make a paper cone which was personalised with their drawings. We wanted to then take them away and fill them with sweets to then give out. However, the kids had another idea... in true Hadley style (I realise this is personal reference but it is a running joke in our family that Hadley’s have to put things on their heads, it seems to be an instinct we all have)... the children put the cones on their heads to make rather good hats. Despite the original plan being ruined it was very amusing to sea of multi-coloured pointy hats walking around the school on children aged between 4-20! Even the deputy head put one on.

Today we prepared a hunt. We had some tiny toy chicks and rabbits (you know the bright yellow things that come out at Easter and no-one really knows what to do with them.) Well, we stapled their feet to a piece of paper with a number written on. We then hid them all around the school; we then gave the children a piece of paper with the numbers listed on it. The kids then headed off hunting the rabbits/chicks out: some ran, some worked together, some had no idea what was going on, some were very secretive, some watched then followed the group before, some just seemed to like ticking the paper so overall a great success. I loved it and so did the children, they were hunting for probably about 2 hours in total and felt very proud when they finished. We then gave out a CUP full of sweets – as the cones were now locked away in the wardrobe of head gear, the sweets were kindly donated by Judith’s friend Maryann. We then quickly left leaving the staff with a group of hyperactive children who rarely get sugar!

Now you may be wondering who ‘we’ is. Well we have a bit of a crew out here, firstly there is Judith aka Mama G&T/Juju/Hamish, she is a Governor of Mary Hare, where I used to work, and is here for 5 months embedding the use of hearing aids amongst a million other jobs. Alison aka Mama Eddie/ Lola and Neville aka Chef, are ex-pats who live here and closely work with the school. They are the kind people who open their house to us whenever needed. Now there are two new arrivals, Leo and Rhea aka Rio, they are baby gappies who are here for three months volunteering on their gap year. They are comedy value and do anything I ask - so I love them –lots! In fact I love all the crew out here.

Thank you to Liz from the Willow Trust for her support. I hear from The Parents that a lot of the ‘Halmore’ friends are following the blog, I hope you all enjoy reading it and Jambo (Hello) to you all. Kate and Mary I cannot wait to meet Ruby, Becky said she is just adorable, also Vez and Mez congratulations on the wedding dates! Hope the other two of Chaysica had fun at Jessi and Tim’s hope you had a glass for me, well I mean a bottle. Much love xxxx


  1. I have two easter eggs so am more than happy to save one for you Chazzer Bird! We had an Easter egg hunt in George's garden but I was far too lazy to get up and do it...serves me right that I am now sun burnt and look very silly with my tan lines.
    Your activities sound fantastic, bet the kids have never had such a fun easter.
    Are you now super slim? xxx

  2. ...eggcelent!!post my darling, it sounds like a wonderful easter day even if you do have to wait another 33 days for a chocolate fix.

    Hope you have taken pictures of the hats they sound like a great success. You naughty lot leaving sugar hyped children for the staff to contend with....

    Speak soon
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Well hello Miss Hadley!! No chocolate for how long?!!!!I'm sorry, thats not right or good but glad you mum has kept you an egg for your return. I can imagine these little cone headed children running round the place...very funny. Sounds like you are getting as much out of this experience as you are putting in and have met some amazing people along the way. I have been having such a lovely easter break, the sun has shone, the girls have been great to be around, caught up with friends and family and just generally had a fun time. On that note, may your fun time continue...big hug...Alisa x x

  4. woop woop, weve had to hide your egg so mum doesnt eat it, its a long wait til you get back, i'm not sure weve got the will power! you might end up with just half an egg. i enjoyed the happy post, sorry i havent spoken to u on skype for ages, i always miss u! loves loves loves mushyxx

  5. Hi from Dad,my 3rd post!!getting quicker all the time,really enjoyed your last blog,I think all the right comments have been made.I'm going to wrap your egg in clingfilm to hide the chocolate smell and then bury it in the garden,away from Becky and mum.I'll buy a huge jar of drinking chocolate for your return.Lots of enquiries about your trip from the W T volunteers,people are so interested,keep the blogs comming.Missing you not long to go now love from DadXXXXXXX

  6. Hi Charlotte
    I love reading your blog posts, you describe everything so vividly, I almost feel like I'm there with you. I look forward to reading more of your news soon.
    Best wishes Marlene