Monday, 11 April 2011

International School of Tanzania (IST)

Every Monday IST kindly open their doors to 15 Buguruni children. The International School sends their school bus to pick us up so we arrive just in time for lunch. The children from the two different schools mix together learning sign language and debating which football team is the best- honestly football is the universal language of the world. After lunch all the children do a different activity, we have made frog cards, Russian dolls out of paper, played football and sports, read stories then made monkey masks based on the naughty monkey character.

A very proud young lady with her monkey mask
I very much enjoy watching the children mixing with hearing children but it makes me realise what little our children have or experience. Their fine motor skills are very poor which is evident in their ability to use scissors or fold along lines, I suppose it is because they do not have access to such facilities at Buguruni. Another thing I noticed is that they take great care in their colouring, they take pride in their work and I suppose it is linked to the opportunity to make things rather than sit and copy from of the board which is the main method of teaching. Anne, the teacher who runs the afternoon, is fabulous, very welcoming. This is the only time the kids have an opportunity to leave the school site, unless it is to go into the village just outside the gates. I suppose sometimes it is the little things that we take for granted that mean a lot to some of the children.

At IST school, a different world compared to Buguruni, Mama Hamish and Mama Eddie on cutting duty
On a totally different note but I found it very exciting, today on the balcony in the convent, just after eating my breakfast, there was a monkey –A MONKEY! (I had just finished eating my breakfast not the monkey). Very sweet, no I didn’t try and hug it, he was sitting for ages watching us, watching him, watching us. When he finally plunked up the courage to come look at us closer he got distracted at the half way point by a pot plant which was much more interesting so he sat contently eating it.

Mel and Dave, I forgot to write in my last post Congratulations on your new house, such wonderful news, can’t wait to see it and you two of course. Does this mean we are getting a kitten or a puppy? Is this argument still raging? Lee, glad the boys are loving the cinema room- pat on your back for that one. Alison, saw chef on Sunday after finishing the biggest ice cream! Hello (G’day) to all the Hadley’s in Oz, and I have awful tan lines, it looks like I am wearing a white t-shirt, any volunteers to help with some shoulder self-tanning before bridesmaid duties?! xxxx


  1. Charlieeeee, you need to do some serious sunbathing by the pool! Lola x

  2. The white tea shirt look is certainly not the tan to go with a strappy topped bridesmaid dress we may need to get a serious fake tan going on for the wedding or the other bridesmaids could wear a white tea shirt under their dresses I suppose!!!

    Big Hugs
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. haha sexy tannage. maybs u should wear a nun outfit so that u dnt tan anymore and itl fade by the time u get back. becky u r a genious! yes yes u r

  4. Hi Charlotte,my second comment which is faster than the last one!good to read all the news and talk on skype.your blog certainly makes good reading,it must be great to be getting more involved with the routines of the school.Don't worry about tan lines there's plenty of time when you return.Lots of folks ask after you and are impressed with everything.Keep up the good work,keep safe. love from Dadxxxxxxxxx.

  5. The whit t-shirt look must be eliminated!! I dont suppose the nuns would mind a bit of topless tanning? Tell them its for a good cause!!Loving the blog my dear sounds like your having a fab time- teach the monkey to do tricks! Love you lots xxxx

  6. A MONKEY!!! That's amazing! I knew this was going to happen, hence why I knitted you a monkey ;)
    I knew you would get some fabulous tan lines, you need to sort that out before the wedding! It has been sunny here so when you get back you can try and even it out.
    It's nice that the children get the opportunity every Monday to go to the IST, even if it does highlight what they miss out on, going there is a positive that they probably gain a lot from.
    Miss having you to rant to about everything! Also, come back so we can dance please!!!
    Keep looking after yourself, love you xxx

  7. Hey Charlie!!!
    I need to see a photo of your dad when you get back just to see if he matches the image I have of him!! - I love his comments and read them with thick cornish accent and can tell how proud of you he is!! Don't worry about the tan lines...classic.
    A monkey looking at you, looking at him,looking at you. Did you flap your hands and squeal?
    You sounds like you are getting as much out of your experience as you are putting into it.
    Keep up the good work Miss Hadley and I look forward to your next update.
    Much love
    Alisa x