Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Well, I'm home and what an adventure I have had. The first week being back on  English ground I can only describe as a 'reverse culture shock', I didn't really want to talk about my time in Tanzania and wouldn't look at the pictures. However, the ultimate Hen weekend soon snapped me back into Western way of life and I'm feeling a lot more settled now.

I've decided to continue to write my blog as there is still a lot I want to say and now I can hopefully add photographs to previous posts and futute ones, I have really enjoyed writing them and hopefully everyone enjoyed reading them. I managed to write a journal everyday I was out there, something I have never done before, so the plan is just to be able to read back and write great masterpieces on here!! I bought a USB so I could transfer my photos from my laptop to the computer, it ws 8GB, the amount of photographs I took amount to 24GB, I think I might something else!!

Today I skyped Judith who is still out there, she seems very well and it was very good to talk to her again, also she had an office full of children so I could see them and sign some hello's, good to see their smiling faces again! Also found out that, against all odds (no kit, thinking Kili was the height of a ski resort with helicopter access and electricity plugs, a worm in the leg) Rhea and Leo, also named Rio- the baby gappies, MADE IT UP MT KILI, I am so proud of them, well done ladies.

SO, am going to start writing the next proper blog soon...


  1. ....goodo....more blog...

    Mum x

  2. Hi all, Mart here, I'll second that goodo.....interesting that you didn't want to talk about it or even look at the photos, love to hear more on those feelings too, when you are ready...big hugs from all down here and lots of love, Mart