Sunday, 15 May 2011

Good News

Just a quick one... I mentioned to Judith about the mossie nets and she bought it up with the Tanzanear committee and we are buying them this week!!! Brilliant! I will defo be doing a big fund raiser when I get back to the UK as there are often times when things appear that Tanzanear can't plan for and therefore budget. Kiri, your post made me cry about Finn offering his pocket money, honestly it is emotional enough without your help!!! Please read this to Finn - Hi Finn, thank you for your offer of your pocket money, all the children here will feel very special that they have such a kind friend in England, thank you, and say hello to Tilly for me!

Also apparently there were big problems with the website blogger last week so if your comments didn't post that is why. Hopefully it will be ok now, I'm thinking Mum will probably check!! I will write a proper update tomorrow, it's 10.15 here so past my bed time!! xxxx

1 comment:

  1. Good for you and Judith how wonderful that the children will have new mossie nets what a good job you stayed at the school to see the state of the old ones.


    Speak soon
    Love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx